Traditional Lead Work Gallery


An early project, replacing 70’s glass in an Edwardian house needing extensive renovation. I wanted a design that would sweep through all five windows, regardless of their differing sizes, connecting them all to form a cohesive whole, in an elegant and timeless way.


Below are the 6 windows forming the front door glazing seen in the background above. Again, I was looking to unite them into a whole design using line for movement. Textured glass was used for privacy.image3



Here is a commission I carried out for the Wine Bar in Keynsham High Street. The clients wanted an Art Deco style, and chose this design the diamond as a focus and the circles rippling out from it.


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I won a competition to my design in the Friend’s Coffee Shop at the Royal United Hospital, Bath. The purposefully cheerful theme of toppling coffee cups was created using glass fusing, and the lettering was screen printed onto the glass. The background was clear as these were functioning fire doors.

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This picture is of a commission for Keynsham Health Centre. Using the theme of a willow tree against a rainbow background, I combined painting with enamels with traditional lead work.



A design was commissioned to draw together themes from other stained glass panels in the house. I chose to use the heart motif above trailing leafy fronds into the door panels, to create movement and continuity.




I was commissioned to design and make a large window next to a front door on the theme of willows. I love the curve of willow leaves and used this throughout to form the design, adding elegant construction  lines of lead which suggest a background of fields,  in order to enable the glass to be cut.


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