About me

Design, create and enjoy stained glass and leaded windows.


I am a designer-maker of leaded windows. Glass is such a beautiful and tactile medium that the possibilities are endless. I particularly enjoy using a fluid black lead line against the rich jewel colours of the glass, to create an overall effect of beauty. I am inspired by the natural world around us.

Following a degree in 3D design, which gave me a thorough grounding in design work, I studied Decorative Stained Glass at Bath College to diploma level. Here I experimented with sandblasting, painting and enamelling techniques, as well as fusing and slumping.

I have been making windows now for over twelve years, and enjoy working alongside clients to create a unique work of art. There is nothing better than working a design through from concept to reality in my loft room, with my radio on, sun streaming in, seeing it magically come together.

Alongside creating leaded windows, I restore and resize existing windows, and design and make one-off kiln formed pieces, from tiles to bowls and splash backs.

High points of my week are teaching my students the basics of glass work and helping them to explore further. Please visit my Courses page.

I also give talks and demonstrations to clubs and societies. I am an active member of the Contemporary Glass Society.

“Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways”
– Oscar Wilde