Fusing Gallery


Fusing is the heating up of glass to high temperatures so that it joins together. The fusing process is also used when permanently fixing true glass paint onto glass, as glass paint has tiny particles of glass in it.

I use fusing techniques in my lead work, but they also stand alone.


I rescued this kitchen cabinet from a skip and used a clear fused glass zebra stripe design to give it a new life!


This flowing tile arrangement echoes an exuberant design in the red brick of the Edwardian house. The green colour was formed by layering the yellow on blue.


Detail of a fused bowl, incorporating voids threaded with ribbon.



A large vintage terracotta brick, made to ventilate an original larder, with a fused panel of coloured squares placed in front. This creates an eye-catching illuminated panel in the kitchen.


A hanging decoration, backed with an embossed pattern created by fusing glass on cut ceramic paper.